Soaking In The Summer

Well hello wonderful people….

I have been gone for a long minute, I was adjusting to the blessings of motherhood to say the least but I am back, Yay! So summer is here and before I go back to work from my maternity leave, I did to go to the country side 2hrs away from Toronto, Lincoln to be exact. Its called Ball’s Falls Conservation Center.

This board as all the description about the conservation center

My son loved it too as it was so peaceful, the center charged a cover fee which is 8 dollars and 6 dollars for students and seniors. The working trail is about 2.1km to the upper falls and 1km to the lower falls, I struggled a little carrying my baby while hiking because its not so stroller friendly going to the upper falls that is. The scenery is fantastic and a lot of pure fresh air as you make your way up, there is also an abandoned building on your way to the lower falls, beautiful for your Instagram feed or for a family photograph hanging on the wall , follow the link to see what I mean.

The drive was about 2 hours and we got there by around 9.50am, the fall is quite large and aside from the sites can be enjoyed for a picnic, family cricket game or baseball and a wedding ceremony as well in my opinion. Here is a link to the fall to find all the necessary information you need to know . In all we had a great experience after all the cold winter days been wrapped up in blanket and using a heater it was finally lovely yo soak in the sun and walk outdoors without a winter jacket or rain coat. If you ever around Ontario and need a quick detour I did advice you go to The Ball’s Fall.

SO much beauty in one place

The Beach- Boca Grande Cartangena 

It has been over 2 years I was last on any type of beach vacay or relaxation.

I was overly excited to go to the beach this time because I deserved it. Like for real! 2017 was some year, to say the least, and for me, a place like a beach draws me closer to my inner self and peace. Their is something supernatural  about it, so here is to starting 2018 with huge dreams and _______________

Fill in the gap with whatever you like to achieve this year in the comment section.

For me – one of the many things I want to achieve is to create or be on a major broadcasting platform. Radio, Tv or Magazine.


Hello December!!


Here in Toronto, the leafs has fallen completely from the trees ; a sign that winter is on it way but i love the picture above it was taken in October.  It represents to me evolution of seasons and time. January 2017 i remember it like it was 2mins ago, i had all this big dreams  and plans but God put me in the place and said patience and resilience.  i LEGIT FEEL I COULD WRITE A BOOK OFF WHAT I WENT THROUGH this year alone.

As we get into tis season let us remember to reflect and be thankful …. Love unconditionally.

Have a lovely December!



With LOVE,


Closer To Nature (Parapente Paraiso)

As my vacation comes to an end in Colombia sadly; i recently visited a little town called Sopo on the 13th of January in Cundinamarca Colombia. i visited this town sorely for paragliding- parapente in spanish. i was ready to go up in the air but the wind didn’t let me.i got there at 11am and waited for 3 hours to go up in the air but the wind was not blowing in our direction hence i couldn’t paraglide.

I got tired of waiting around,and started talking selfies and making short videos- lol. Did i mention how obsessed i am with landscapes and mountains views. I am closer to nature than i ever imagined, I love Colombia. lol

Sopo, Colombia.

So if you ever in colombia i advise you to indulge and travel around to the small town in Colombia.The best quality of life are in the towns and villages. Their also other activities to do in Sopo aside from Paragliding. Zip lining, paintball, cycling and hiking etc. Nature awaits you here in Sopo Colombia.

Directory of Sopo

P.S- Whenever you are traveling around buy some snacks, as food can be expensive or limited options depending on what you like.