Having a Double Life

Having moved to Toronto Canada in January 2016 from Colombia where I was living in from March 2014. Basically I have been leaving a triple life at this point, it may sound fun or exciting but honestly, it can get exhausting half the time.  Especially if you are blessed enough to have great memories in every country you lived in, my case is as such. Not only do I have great memories I have a  new huge family in Colombia,  as I met some incredible and warmest people ever over there, not to add that my boyfriend currently lives in Colombia.

While my Nigerian family hasn’t seen me in close to 4 years now, my heart is constantly with them especially my Mum. Sometimes I wish she were with me, conversations over the phone and on Whatsapp is not nearly enough. I just graduated from College (well the actual ceremony is in June) but I am done and I hope I can gather all my loved one around me rather than travelling up and down. It is definitely going to take a while but I am more than ready to put in that work, as Canada is my new home now.

Folks on my social media see me travelling and only look at the glamorous side and are quick to draw their conclusion but if only they knew-

The sleepless night, the loneliness, the frustration, the visa process, the overtime I put in to save for every trip, the tears………

A popular saying goes -you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  Fam, please cherish and live in the moment, don’t take it for granted!


Drop an encouraging line please,

The Beach- Boca Grande Cartangena 

It has been over 2 years I was last on any type of beach vacay or relaxation.

I was overly excited to go to the beach this time because I deserved it. Like for real! 2017 was some year, to say the least, and for me, a place like a beach draws me closer to my inner self and peace. Their is something supernatural  about it, so here is to starting 2018 with huge dreams and _______________

Fill in the gap with whatever you like to achieve this year in the comment section.

For me – one of the many things I want to achieve is to create or be on a major broadcasting platform. Radio, Tv or Magazine.


When in Colombia…. Coffeee!!

Happy 2018!!!

I spent my new years eve reflecting on the year, my mistakes, achievements and a better 2018. I had arrived Colombia on the eve of Christmas. it doesn’t help that the celebration happens on the 24th rather than 25th but I digress.  And what is Colombia with a cup of coffee? I’m not a coffee person but I had to indulge.

Reflecting and chit-chatting over Colombian coffee was a great way to clear and reinforce on the year ahead. I know it’s a cliche but as every passing year, we get older and hence have to redirect our life goals and wants. I wish you a very prosperous 2018 and let’s do more of what we desire and makes us happy rather than what makes people happy.

Spread Love…………..

Love from Colombia.



Photograph’s Of The Month (Food Edition)

Food Foodie Food Alert !!!!!!

Thats me, yep! hence why i have a hard time dropping these calories. Bruhh really though what is life without the tastiest, spiciest, flavour dripping circus happening in your mouth??? These are a few meals i had the pleasure of trying out in Bogota, Colombia last month.

A restaurant called Patacones on Septima and Calle 63


Tostas is kinda like a Starbucks but in my opinion cheaper and better  while Tipicas is an Empanada place with good reviews.
  • Arepas, empanadas,cafe and aromatica are some of the easiest street food to come across on the street of Bogota so why not indulge? This is me indulging….
  • Plantain is a part of Colombian recipe, eaten with rice and fish or just fried on it on with some guacamole.
  • An Ice cream store is in every nook and cranny of Bogota, even when it’s cold the people of Bogota are still having some ice cream … Like i don’t understand but i join in the fun too.
Orso Ice cream on a raining night!


Food Festival @ El Virrey Park

Who doesn’t love food? Especially when it’s at a discounted price?

Last weekend the food festival @el virrey kicked off , August (19th-21st) 2017 and it’s continuing this weekend so if you in Bogota over the weekend i recommend that you go to this food festival. The food at the festival is mostly from all over the continent also merchandises that you did probably be looking for you can find there. Like for instance i found some good coconut oil and African inspired turban at the festival.

Me and my Friend having an Empanada

Its also a good place to connect with old friends and meet people who might share common ground with. i met with a couple of English travellers and a Turkish man. It starts in the AM to 8PM, and if the weather permits it even a better day with a ton of free stuff ,master cooking classes and great music.


Peruvian rice and Sea food

Nigerian in Colombia

What is an African doing in Colombia?

Why south America?

But you don’t speak Spanish!

Their is nothing progressive in Colombia!

You can’t build a life in Colombia…………


All these numerous questions and more i get asked and these are the polite ones. People ask ridiculous questions when you can just google it or atleast do some basic research *rolleyes* Anyway, i didn’t choose Colombia rather it’s the other way round. i have a video on youtube  about it but i got this question again when i told someone i was traveling to Colombia in August.

Just like people anywhere else in the world Colombia is a beautiful place with vibrant and lovely people and i am a people person. My boyfriend is also currently living in Colombia so -LOL! But  honestly home isn’t only where you were given birth in or where your family is but where you find happiness,peace and rediscover yourself . Colombia has done some of these for me in the past 3 year. So it is my second home,

View of Bogota Colombia from Monserrate

This blog is dedicated to all travelers, backpackers, roamer’s of the world. As the world shrinks and cultures are been exchanged and appreciated, it becomes clearer that there is everlasting liberation in discovering new borders and hopping on a plane to find whatever it is you are looking for or not looking for.



Paragliding in Sopo Colombia

Hi Guys, so we did it!!!!!!!

Yes we, i and my pilot did it, we took off and landed safely. i swear by my favorite vegetable (broccoli), i didn’t think a day will come that i would go paragliding. My fear for heights and snakes, we will get to that in another blog, but i decided that conquer that one height at the time. i started by going hiking. Colombia geographical location is close to the sun and the terrain is surrounded by mountains with spectacular terrain and incredible view.

A word of advice though, if you ever want to challenge yourself and step outside your comfort  zone, like Nike -Just do it! Don’t think about it ,nothing, just go and worry about the repercussions later. Moments later we landed i felt like i was going to pass out! i could not believe myself like Bunmi you did it?? Shock and surrealness was a few feelings going through my brain. But i am grateful i did it and it also helped me solidify my trust in God cause if we had crashed ? hummmmm!!!


P.S – i wrote a blog on my first visit to Sopo in January but i didn’t fly so please feel to track back on my blog in order to understand my excitement.

Take off time!