Soaking In The Summer

Well hello wonderful people….

I have been gone for a long minute, I was adjusting to the blessings of motherhood to say the least but I am back, Yay! So summer is here and before I go back to work from my maternity leave, I did to go to the country side 2hrs away from Toronto, Lincoln to be exact. Its called Ball’s Falls Conservation Center.

This board as all the description about the conservation center

My son loved it too as it was so peaceful, the center charged a cover fee which is 8 dollars and 6 dollars for students and seniors. The working trail is about 2.1km to the upper falls and 1km to the lower falls, I struggled a little carrying my baby while hiking because its not so stroller friendly going to the upper falls that is. The scenery is fantastic and a lot of pure fresh air as you make your way up, there is also an abandoned building on your way to the lower falls, beautiful for your Instagram feed or for a family photograph hanging on the wall , follow the link to see what I mean.

The drive was about 2 hours and we got there by around 9.50am, the fall is quite large and aside from the sites can be enjoyed for a picnic, family cricket game or baseball and a wedding ceremony as well in my opinion. Here is a link to the fall to find all the necessary information you need to know . In all we had a great experience after all the cold winter days been wrapped up in blanket and using a heater it was finally lovely yo soak in the sun and walk outdoors without a winter jacket or rain coat. If you ever around Ontario and need a quick detour I did advice you go to The Ball’s Fall.

SO much beauty in one place

Happy Holidays🎅💃

From me to you and yours, merry Christmas and happy new years. I hope we all can take time out to reflect on what a wonderful year it’s been regardless of the setbacks and uncertainty we faced.

I am looking forward to the blessings 2019 will bring to me and my loved ones. Have a lovely holiday.



Having a Double Life

Having moved to Toronto Canada in January 2016 from Colombia where I was living in from March 2014. Basically I have been leaving a triple life at this point, it may sound fun or exciting but honestly, it can get exhausting half the time.  Especially if you are blessed enough to have great memories in every country you lived in, my case is as such. Not only do I have great memories I have a  new huge family in Colombia,  as I met some incredible and warmest people ever over there, not to add that my boyfriend currently lives in Colombia.

While my Nigerian family hasn’t seen me in close to 4 years now, my heart is constantly with them especially my Mum. Sometimes I wish she were with me, conversations over the phone and on Whatsapp is not nearly enough. I just graduated from College (well the actual ceremony is in June) but I am done and I hope I can gather all my loved one around me rather than travelling up and down. It is definitely going to take a while but I am more than ready to put in that work, as Canada is my new home now.

Folks on my social media see me travelling and only look at the glamorous side and are quick to draw their conclusion but if only they knew-

The sleepless night, the loneliness, the frustration, the visa process, the overtime I put in to save for every trip, the tears………

A popular saying goes -you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  Fam, please cherish and live in the moment, don’t take it for granted!


Drop an encouraging line please,

My first 200 likes

Hi readers and writers,

I just got a notification from WordPress about reaching my 1st 200 likes.

Hello Darlings💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Thank you for your support. I didn’t expect whatever I got on this platform, true story. I have always loved talking hence my growing career in media, I decided to try writing while I grow and get a bigger outreach.

Its been a year I started writing and with this boost from you the readers I will like to say THANK YOU and I will keep writing even on days I feel like I don’t have the strength or nothing at all to write about.

See you at my 1000 likes soon 😚

P.S- I am still indecisive on what to focus my blog on but I will figure this out as I grow.

Hello December!!


Here in Toronto, the leafs has fallen completely from the trees ; a sign that winter is on it way but i love the picture above it was taken in October.  It represents to me evolution of seasons and time. January 2017 i remember it like it was 2mins ago, i had all this big dreams  and plans but God put me in the place and said patience and resilience.  i LEGIT FEEL I COULD WRITE A BOOK OFF WHAT I WENT THROUGH this year alone.

As we get into tis season let us remember to reflect and be thankful …. Love unconditionally.

Have a lovely December!



With LOVE,



As the CNE,(Canadian National Exhibition) also known as the EX wraps up today  September 4th at the Exhibition grounds those of you who don’t make it this year and thinking about it next year here’s so of the things i think you should know.

The CNE attracts hundreds of thousand of people from all over the world, everyday for the 18days it runs through, it is one of the largest annual fairs in North America. How ever you are getting to the CNE it’s always a struggle with the long queues ,clumsy crowd,etc. It’s overwhelming almost but here are some guides to help you have a smoother and fun experience at the CNE!

  1. CASH ONLY– If you are like me then you like to not walk around with cash thanks to interac and android pay these days but the CNE doesn’t allow for this luxury as you require cash at almost every food vendor or gaming center you patronize. The only place i remember having the option of not paying cash was at the ticket outlets,but everywhere else i checked out with my friends we had to pay with cash. Infact i had to use the ATM and i got charged 3 dollars, so imagine the inconvenience of looking for an ATM machine in a crowded and busy ground full with people and probably have to wait in line for a couple of minutes at the ATM, waste of time and vibe killer. So avoid this and go with cash especially if you have a large family, indecisive of with you want to do or just don’t have a budget. i  highly recommend going with some cash. But if you run into this problem you can find an ATM at the food building, at the shopping center and some on the ground close to the gaming section.


LONG QUEUES – Yes! it’s inevitable and it doesn’t change with the time of the day as long as the CNE is open the long queues just fill up everywhere. From the gate entrance to the food building especially the rides ,OMG! i and my friends had to stand in line for an hour and 40mins for a ride that lasted only 1minute and you would think we are grown up’s with better things to do but that was the case. Almost every ride at the CNE had these queues so we joined in the waiting fun. We only went on two rides between but the wait  in totally for these ride was about 2hours 30mins. I would suggest going to the CNE with comfortable shoes,and a bottle of water in other to make the process less drenching.

FOOD BUILDING- This was the first place we went to immediately we made our way into the CNE and we were not disappointed. I was overwhelmed as a matter of fact because there were so many sections and food vendors in and outside the building that i had a tough time choosing so i settled for some Rice and peas with goat (Jamaican ).  It wasn’t so good depending on the price -15.75 but i was hungry and wanted something to eat without waiting in line for a long time.  I also stopped for some dessert at the Cake Shack and i wish i had a picture to help describe the joy i felt at the sight of my treat.What i should have done was checked the CNE website and look up the food vendors ahead of time so as to avoid walking around the huge food building looking for what food vendor is there and what they have. I also should have used the Map but i totally forgot until i was on my way out of the CNE.  P.S- If you aren’t into food there are street food, dessert places, pubs etc as well.

EVENTS LINE -UP– There is so much to do at the CNE that you can’t be bored or not find anything that would catch your eye. The rides this year was top -notch in my opinion, the dress up’s the rock bands and musical performances, the games, the market vendors, the shopping center, the food building, the media interaction ,the vijay’s etc. Whatever you are into or not into you can come across at the CNE. Oh and the air show is another highlight at the CNE.20170903_202826

FREEBIES AND GREAT DEALS– You can get to win free gifts, cash included at the CNE, another reason i go lol but i haven’t won nothing yet so am going to try next year. Radio stations particularly looking to engage their listeners and reward them hence freebies. Also the vendors tend to have good deals depending on what you are in the market for. It’s kinda like a flea market but alil bit expensive i would say but hey it the EX everything is expensive sadly.





Canada 15Oth


I clearly don’t qualify to write this but i don’t care because this is looking like my new home so yes i do qualify. I have spent the past year in Canada ,Toronto to be exact and it’s not so bad. I mean i miss my family and all, including Colombia,ahhh Colombia; that is a different blog post for another day however Canada just turned 150 and the various festivities were befitting to celebrate this huge mile stone. Including parades, fireworks, walks across the city,ribfest and the waterfestival and the duck of course to name a few.

Selfie amist the crowd with the famous duck

There was everything and anything you can think of from performance from band member U2, to the royal family of England making an appearance at the parliament Hill in Ottawa to the enormous rubber Duck at the harbourfront in Toronto which cost over 100,000 cad dollars ,just sayin’  and the prime minister himself Justin Trudeau and his graceful wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau . Most importantly the ability to be able to come together and integrate the many diverse cultures is what make Canada great. Now it’s not perfect there is still room for growth and more  Continue reading “Canada 15Oth”