Happy Black History Month

I guess it’s no coincidence that the movie  Black Panther will be officially released in February. Folks have been waiting on the movie like Jesus! what is hype about this movie you might ask? A movie with so much truth, depth and cultural renaissance that has the whole black race pacing back and forth! With the incredible backing of Marvel studios and an array of talented actors and actress; gaallll I can’t wait to see the movie. My African self is super proud so you can’t tell me nothing! Like literally.

On a serious note it shows how neglected an entire set of people feel, and the people between, so we as a people have to do better!

I have been seeing the pictures online from the movie premiere that took place on Sunday but I wanted to wait till today and the reviews I heard about the movie sound like it’s going to be the best 2hrs 15mins of the day, so I can’t wait. So on this note- Happy Black History Month and I will be writing more post this month so whenever you see the notification support and hurry down to my blog.





My first 200 likes

Hi readers and writers,

I just got a notification from WordPress about reaching my 1st 200 likes.

Hello Darlings💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Thank you for your support. I didn’t expect whatever I got on this platform, true story. I have always loved talking hence my growing career in media, I decided to try writing while I grow and get a bigger outreach.

Its been a year I started writing and with this boost from you the readers I will like to say THANK YOU and I will keep writing even on days I feel like I don’t have the strength or nothing at all to write about.

See you at my 1000 likes soon 😚

P.S- I am still indecisive on what to focus my blog on but I will figure this out as I grow.

Nigerian in Colombia

What is an African doing in Colombia?

Why south America?

But you don’t speak Spanish!

Their is nothing progressive in Colombia!

You can’t build a life in Colombia…………


All these numerous questions and more i get asked and these are the polite ones. People ask ridiculous questions when you can just google it or atleast do some basic research *rolleyes* Anyway, i didn’t choose Colombia rather it’s the other way round. i have a video on youtube  about it but i got this question again when i told someone i was traveling to Colombia in August.

Just like people anywhere else in the world Colombia is a beautiful place with vibrant and lovely people and i am a people person. My boyfriend is also currently living in Colombia so -LOL! But  honestly home isn’t only where you were given birth in or where your family is but where you find happiness,peace and rediscover yourself . Colombia has done some of these for me in the past 3 year. So it is my second home,

View of Bogota Colombia from Monserrate

This blog is dedicated to all travelers, backpackers, roamer’s of the world. As the world shrinks and cultures are been exchanged and appreciated, it becomes clearer that there is everlasting liberation in discovering new borders and hopping on a plane to find whatever it is you are looking for or not looking for.




I have been sitting on this particular blog post for a while, my bad. i was waiting for the perfect day – crazy right? Well guys……

This is one of the beautiful days i spent in Bogota Colombia on my last trip in December. i and my friends went out to the very historic and touristic part of Bogotá (La Candelaria). This is the hippest, one of the busiest, multi- cultural and cool part of cuidad de Bogotá. I can write a book on La candelaria, it was my 1st home when i got to Colombia. Ahhhhh- sweet memories. I remembered getting “dumped” in a hostel called Masaya Hostel, with no understanding of spanish, no Colombian pesos etc. i had to share a bunk bed with a girl from Greece, ohh yea my luggage was missing so i had basically nada! She helped me feel comfortable and get around La candelaria. i remember getting lost around but the one thing that would stand out and help me retrace my steps were these bold and colorful graffiti. They were every where, you could not but fall in love and every one of them has a story behind it.




I would always want to take pictures and share them with friends because there are no words to describe the beauty in these grafitti. Colombia is my 2nd home, i would retire there and do more communities work in by God’s grace. All this to say if you are ever in Bogota- make a stop at La  candelaria. i would call it a hub or like a hive because it has everything you want and need and it never sleeps.

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Closer To Nature (Parapente Paraiso)

As my vacation comes to an end in Colombia sadly; i recently visited a little town called Sopo on the 13th of January in Cundinamarca Colombia. i visited this town sorely for paragliding- parapente in spanish. i was ready to go up in the air but the wind didn’t let me.i got there at 11am and waited for 3 hours to go up in the air but the wind was not blowing in our direction hence i couldn’t paraglide.

I got tired of waiting around,and started talking selfies and making short videos- lol. Did i mention how obsessed i am with landscapes and mountains views. I am closer to nature than i ever imagined, I love Colombia. lol

Sopo, Colombia.

So if you ever in colombia i advise you to indulge and travel around to the small town in Colombia.The best quality of life are in the towns and villages. Their also other activities to do in Sopo aside from Paragliding. Zip lining, paintball, cycling and hiking etc. Nature awaits you here in Sopo Colombia.

Directory of Sopo

P.S- Whenever you are traveling around buy some snacks, as food can be expensive or limited options depending on what you like.