Binge on …Netflix

Now that we are well into the new years and gone back to our usual business, at least most of us. I wanted to share some of the things I have been up to. For starters I’m trying to get some type of routine with a newborn baby around it so different…… but also enjoying my maternity leave. Here in Canada, we have the option of taking a year or 2 years off work, I settled for a year, ask me how I feel in another 3 months.

With my mom around helping me with the baby I get to go out with friends, have some me time even if its an hour and just chill. I catch some new movies on Netflix last week. Lion Heart by Genevieve Nnaji and El Ganador by Nicky Jam. Listennnnnn, I don’t know if its the cold winter and a cup of hot chocolate that made me enjoy these movies more or the fact that they are actually really good movies. Let me start with Lion Heart.

Lion Heart premiered at Tiff

Lion Heart was created by Nigerian actress and producer (Genevive) and trust me when I say the movie resonated with me in every way possible, The character Ada- I could relate with her struggles, her role as the 1st daughter and her ambition. I am trying not to give any spoilers but if after this post you take time out to watch the movie and don’t like it then I have failed you. The script was well acted out I thought, the transition was done nicely, I can go on and on but I see why Netflix bought the movie.

El Ganador was shot in Mexico, Colombia, New York and Puerto Rico

Now to Nicky Jam’s El Ganador, I find this doc-series informative as Reggaeton artist Nicky Jam takes us through his journey, growing up in the States and in Puerto Rico, his struggle with drugs and his rebirth. Its a 13 episode and features Nicky Jam himself. I particularly fall in love with this series because I lived in Colombia for 2 years plus and that was how I first found out about reggaeton music and artist such as J balvin, Daddy Yankee etc. from then on I fall in love with Nicky’s music hence why also because I have 1st hand seen what drug addiction does to people so I was particularly interested in his story. You might say who has time for a 13 episode series well that’s what I said initially but I got hooked after seeing 2 episodes and finished it overnight. Thankfully my baby was sound asleep.

Let me know what you think about these movies if you decide to see them please and what do you recommend on Netflix so I can Binge watch.

“Gbesunmobi” is the new vibe

I am always looking for new music especially afrobeat infused, urban, hip and rap music. And so i stumbled on this incredible artist page on Instgram.

The name of the song was what got my attention as it means “bring it closer” in English. I quickly did what an inquisitive mind would,using the googler and checked her out. I listen to the song and no bullshit; it was good. I mean the production was neat the vocals are decent and her flows on the beat was seemless.She turned me into a fan, seeing her progress over time and passion grow for music so guys today shes on my blog.

About Sayo-

She is a U.K artist and loves music intensely. She prides herself as been versatile in any music genre but is more focused on the Rnb, Rap, Pop and Afrobeat. 

Her new single – Gbesunmobi was produced  by Lexyflow and the video was shot in London by Simplycity visuals. The song expresses how lovers show affection towards eachother. In this case it’s the female that’s actually voicing out her affection and appreciation towards her lover in every form and way. It’s a love song with a twist.

 You can also get Sayo’s music on SoundCloud while she works on putting her music on other platform’s she is also on YouTube, so dont hesitate to check her out on there.

Connect with Sayo on



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Soundcloud –


Soundcloud Podcast Series

Hi Family,

It been a minute………….. i am so sorry. i missed you guys so much and i hope you did miss me too?

I have been taking in what life has been throwing my way- Literally this year is one that i thought would never happen to me. I did almost everything by the books but still fell on the unlucky side but that aside i am writing you today meaning i am still standing and will keep forging ahead! One thing that gets me going is my vision. Knowing fully well i have a lot of work to do and every little step matters hence this podcast series.

This is my baby project, i figured i love to talk and need a space so why not jump on soundcloud with a good colleague of mine and make magic! we are on our fourth series into the podcast and would love for you to listen, enjoy and spread the word. Myself and Joseph on social @stjoe who is incredibly eloquent, knowledgeable and a major hip hop groupie, we try to breakdown latest happenings in entertainment especially the world of hip hop giving our honest opinion. If you like this kind of commentary or you know someone who is major hip hop junkie direct them to our podcast.

We still don’t have a name for the show, what should we call it? Do hit play on the link below.


Thank you…….

Canada 15Oth


I clearly don’t qualify to write this but i don’t care because this is looking like my new home so yes i do qualify. I have spent the past year in Canada ,Toronto to be exact and it’s not so bad. I mean i miss my family and all, including Colombia,ahhh Colombia; that is a different blog post for another day however Canada just turned 150 and the various festivities were befitting to celebrate this huge mile stone. Including parades, fireworks, walks across the city,ribfest and the waterfestival and the duck of course to name a few.

Selfie amist the crowd with the famous duck

There was everything and anything you can think of from performance from band member U2, to the royal family of England making an appearance at the parliament Hill in Ottawa to the enormous rubber Duck at the harbourfront in Toronto which cost over 100,000 cad dollars ,just sayin’  and the prime minister himself Justin Trudeau and his graceful wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau . Most importantly the ability to be able to come together and integrate the many diverse cultures is what make Canada great. Now it’s not perfect there is still room for growth and more  Continue reading “Canada 15Oth”

My Musical Roots (FBF)

*My life growing up revolved around music.* Afrobeats

This was before i knew anything about hip-pop or pop music. we had this retro stereo player. The one that spin the the record and only plays when the automated pinned outlet lands on the record. Yes that one! I know i have lived LOL… We had records from Shina peters,Alex O,King Sunny Ade, Michael Jackson, Bright Chimezie, Oliver De Coque and Fela Anikulapo Kuti. These were the days of good, i swear. I would go to every birthday party in the estate and come home with either 1st or 2nd place and a gift of course because i was pretty conversant with all the songs they played at the party. My mum would always play all this records when i had friends over or when she was cleaning around the house.  The melody that eludes from the talking drum,shekere,algaita to name a few musical instrument is beyond beautiful to say the least.When combined with the good lyrics and spoken in our local dialects its blows! I am very proud of my roots and will always carry it  everywhere i go.

These records set the tune to the type of person i am partal. All these artist are probably in there late 70’s or early 70’s now that how legendary these music is;as it was all raw and genuine. The new age artist some of  which you might know like Wizkid,Davido and Tuface who is by no way new to the music scene to name a few are the artists building off the foundation these legends laid down. So there are some of the songs i grew up on…… enjoy them and let me know what you think especially if you are into these kind of music.


Do awards matter this days(The Grammys)

Candidly speaking  after i fell in love with the radio at a young age of 9, my next thought was to find these music videos and see these brilliant artists behind all my favorite songs. I would watch the tele, into the night because that was the time TV stations back in Nigeria would play music videos but none of  the songs i loved or liked would come on. I kept on the search until one day i catch a glimpse of the grammys awards ceremony (1998). This was my first time seeing something so fabulous and glamorous, (it was in a video tape). My aunty is also a music lover so she wanted to see the awards as well.

I say all this to say back in the days awards were glorified and highly dignified, even by getting a sheer nomination it was huge, not to talk of winning the award. The grammys is seen by most artist as the pinnacle of success in the music industry. So they do matter, even though we now face some type of rebellion and the quality of music made this days are without finesse in my opinion and these artist want to be nominated.

The grammys and any kind of award out there matters. It matters because it shows accolade and acknowledge what ever effort the artist or individual as put into his or her work.  I asked around to see how many people will be watching the grammys this  Sunday but people seem not to care. This is now becoming a trend among people, i have noticed but when their alleged favorite artist don’t go home with the award in the category they were nominated in, all hell breaks. The tweets and memes go viral. Lets step back a bit the academy of the grammy is made up of 50 professionals with creative or technical credits on 6 official releases and there are 2 rounds of voting by the academy before the verified nominations.

Hence a lot of thoughts and process goes through these nominations. if you can’t tell i am a sucker for the grammys would be watching with a snack. (i’m thinking home made peppered wings with strawberry juice). You have to put thought into the snack y’all it makes everything even more exciting. I can’t wait to see Beyonce and Katy Perry performance on Sunday……

What do you think about the grammys? are you watching on Sunday? who are you rooting for to win an award?Below is the link to the nominees for the 2017 grammys happening on the 13th of February.