Binge on …Netflix

Now that we are well into the new years and gone back to our usual business, at least most of us. I wanted to share some of the things I have been up to. For starters I’m trying to get some type of routine with a newborn baby around it so different…… but also enjoying my maternity leave. Here in Canada, we have the option of taking a year or 2 years off work, I settled for a year, ask me how I feel in another 3 months.

With my mom around helping me with the baby I get to go out with friends, have some me time even if its an hour and just chill. I catch some new movies on Netflix last week. Lion Heart by Genevieve Nnaji and El Ganador by Nicky Jam. Listennnnnn, I don’t know if its the cold winter and a cup of hot chocolate that made me enjoy these movies more or the fact that they are actually really good movies. Let me start with Lion Heart.

Lion Heart premiered at Tiff

Lion Heart was created by Nigerian actress and producer (Genevive) and trust me when I say the movie resonated with me in every way possible, The character Ada- I could relate with her struggles, her role as the 1st daughter and her ambition. I am trying not to give any spoilers but if after this post you take time out to watch the movie and don’t like it then I have failed you. The script was well acted out I thought, the transition was done nicely, I can go on and on but I see why Netflix bought the movie.

El Ganador was shot in Mexico, Colombia, New York and Puerto Rico

Now to Nicky Jam’s El Ganador, I find this doc-series informative as Reggaeton artist Nicky Jam takes us through his journey, growing up in the States and in Puerto Rico, his struggle with drugs and his rebirth. Its a 13 episode and features Nicky Jam himself. I particularly fall in love with this series because I lived in Colombia for 2 years plus and that was how I first found out about reggaeton music and artist such as J balvin, Daddy Yankee etc. from then on I fall in love with Nicky’s music hence why also because I have 1st hand seen what drug addiction does to people so I was particularly interested in his story. You might say who has time for a 13 episode series well that’s what I said initially but I got hooked after seeing 2 episodes and finished it overnight. Thankfully my baby was sound asleep.

Let me know what you think about these movies if you decide to see them please and what do you recommend on Netflix so I can Binge watch.

African Repping! (Black Panther Style)

In true Nigerian style I saw the Marvel movie – Black Panther finally yesterday and boy can I say … Sorry, no spoilers but I LOVED LOVED the movie. But I arrived at the movie theatre 30mins late- now that how you know am African with our African time shit!  My friend is still pissed but we agreed on going back to see it again next week.

I didn’t go all dressed and all but when I heard M’baku’s character played by Winston Duke    I immediately knew he was portraying a Nigerian Man because the accent was very good, so good I thought he was Nigerian. So when he spoke I lit up and almost screamed in the theatre. Also, the customs were really good, like i cant just explain it but I saw variation and cut through of various cultures, regions, tribes of Africa translated through the clothing every actor wore in the movie. I highly recommend watching the movie guys, it’s hard for me to write this blog without describing scenes from the movie hence why its gonna be short. LOL

Let me rate how you rate the movie. For me its a 9 outta 10,

Having a Double Life

Having moved to Toronto Canada in January 2016 from Colombia where I was living in from March 2014. Basically I have been leaving a triple life at this point, it may sound fun or exciting but honestly, it can get exhausting half the time.  Especially if you are blessed enough to have great memories in every country you lived in, my case is as such. Not only do I have great memories I have a  new huge family in Colombia,  as I met some incredible and warmest people ever over there, not to add that my boyfriend currently lives in Colombia.

While my Nigerian family hasn’t seen me in close to 4 years now, my heart is constantly with them especially my Mum. Sometimes I wish she were with me, conversations over the phone and on Whatsapp is not nearly enough. I just graduated from College (well the actual ceremony is in June) but I am done and I hope I can gather all my loved one around me rather than travelling up and down. It is definitely going to take a while but I am more than ready to put in that work, as Canada is my new home now.

Folks on my social media see me travelling and only look at the glamorous side and are quick to draw their conclusion but if only they knew-

The sleepless night, the loneliness, the frustration, the visa process, the overtime I put in to save for every trip, the tears………

A popular saying goes -you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  Fam, please cherish and live in the moment, don’t take it for granted!


Drop an encouraging line please,

When in Colombia…. Coffeee!!

Happy 2018!!!

I spent my new years eve reflecting on the year, my mistakes, achievements and a better 2018. I had arrived Colombia on the eve of Christmas. it doesn’t help that the celebration happens on the 24th rather than 25th but I digress.  And what is Colombia with a cup of coffee? I’m not a coffee person but I had to indulge.

Reflecting and chit-chatting over Colombian coffee was a great way to clear and reinforce on the year ahead. I know it’s a cliche but as every passing year, we get older and hence have to redirect our life goals and wants. I wish you a very prosperous 2018 and let’s do more of what we desire and makes us happy rather than what makes people happy.

Spread Love…………..

Love from Colombia.



Hello December!!


Here in Toronto, the leafs has fallen completely from the trees ; a sign that winter is on it way but i love the picture above it was taken in October.  It represents to me evolution of seasons and time. January 2017 i remember it like it was 2mins ago, i had all this big dreams  and plans but God put me in the place and said patience and resilience.  i LEGIT FEEL I COULD WRITE A BOOK OFF WHAT I WENT THROUGH this year alone.

As we get into tis season let us remember to reflect and be thankful …. Love unconditionally.

Have a lovely December!



With LOVE,


Soundcloud Podcast Series

Hi Family,

It been a minute………….. i am so sorry. i missed you guys so much and i hope you did miss me too?

I have been taking in what life has been throwing my way- Literally this year is one that i thought would never happen to me. I did almost everything by the books but still fell on the unlucky side but that aside i am writing you today meaning i am still standing and will keep forging ahead! One thing that gets me going is my vision. Knowing fully well i have a lot of work to do and every little step matters hence this podcast series.

This is my baby project, i figured i love to talk and need a space so why not jump on soundcloud with a good colleague of mine and make magic! we are on our fourth series into the podcast and would love for you to listen, enjoy and spread the word. Myself and Joseph on social @stjoe who is incredibly eloquent, knowledgeable and a major hip hop groupie, we try to breakdown latest happenings in entertainment especially the world of hip hop giving our honest opinion. If you like this kind of commentary or you know someone who is major hip hop junkie direct them to our podcast.

We still don’t have a name for the show, what should we call it? Do hit play on the link below.


Thank you…….