Pizza Fest – Hot Mom Summer.

I was looking for some good affordable fun as summer festivities is in full effect. I remember this time las year I was 6months pregnant and felt like a sack of potatoes with so much to do and little time I barley did anything last summer but this time I intend to explore, I say all these to say if you see me in these streets say hi…..

So PizzaFest was fun, over 30 food truck stand, live music, blazing DJ’s, fun photo stands, basketball hoops, bouncing castle for the kids, ice-cream and lemonade stand it was pizza Christmas. The cover fee per person was 25 dollars which I wasn’t aware of before I left my house but anyways the fee is just an entry fee, we get inside and had to get food stamps in order to buy whatever we wanted. I spent another 30 dollars to get these stamps, at these point we where hungry as we didn’t have lunch before leaving home so we take a quick tour and settled for what kind of pizza we where going to get. I got my first slice of pizza from Wood Oven Pizza, it was like fireworks in my mouth, no lie and my taste buds could tell the difference. The cheese and basil tasted expensive, lol then I made my way to another pizza stand, at this point I had already spent 12 dollars out of my stamps.

The next stand I want to wasn’t a pizzeria but actual food stand, they sold North American food specifically Ecuadorian food, I wanted to try it even though its a PizzaFest my tummy was craving real food hence why, I got rice and vegetable sauce with oven baked chicken. It was all the flavor in one place, and the chicken was not to dry even though it was baked unfortunately I didn’t take pictures and don’t remember the name of the restaurant. At this point I had 6 dollars left and was full so I decided to burn the calories and made my way to the stage where live acts where performing. A special act caught my attention her name is Dj Livia she can spin for ages. They also had contest and various table games like scrabble, chess and the arena so if you wanted an intimate yet outdoor time with your family you can have as well.

It was set up properly and easy on the eyes, not overwhelming like must festivals. I loved everything about it expect I felt the cover fee was too much but I cant knock down there hustle. How is your summer going so far? Any plans? I think I will be going to Canada’s wonderland this weekend. Ha! so hyped,

So happy

Its my Birthday!!

You only live once said a great person…..

It has been really an incredible year, I look back on my 20’s and I feel like i did OK, still pushing forward, loving myself more, growing into a better person everyday without boundaries and living a life i would one day look back on and smile…

What do you typical do on your birthday?? I prayed, reflected and thanked my self for been awesome. will be having lunch with a few of my besties at the cheese cake factory with my baby of course.

My Winter snacks

Since I’m home all winter taking care of my newborn and getting used to motherhood some of the pecks are having some downtime depending on how much your baby lets you have. I try to joggle between his short naps and take advantage of them to try out some yummy recipes.

In this case, I did some Meat pies and puff puff. These are Nigerian snack and are commonly found on the street before now I have never tried making puff puff but I had done meat pie in the recent past. Even though I am trying to lose the baby weight I prefer a homemade meal or in this case snack and since its winter here I don’t have the luxury of going out as much due to the cold so I tend to get creative in the kitchen.

Here is a picture of my puff puff-

It missing the circular bouncy shape but still tastes delicious

The recipe to this yumminess are all over the internet and on Youtube but if you still want to know what I used and didn’t use in mine let me know so I can blog about it. What are some of your favorite snacks to munch on? Do let me know in the comments..



I haven’t done a food photography blog or talked about food in a lonnnggg time but trust me since giving birth 7 plus weeks ago I had all types of cravings from Indian food chicken masala to Jerk chicken and Roti. One thing is consistent with my craving spicy food. Lol!

Aside from the spicy food, I craved a lot of desserts- it was a treat your self kinda reward for working all the long hours, for been a super strong momma for my unborn baby and just because I can eat anything I want while being pregnant- The Pecks!!

I would often go to McDonald’s to get an Oreo Mcflurry or go to Popeyes 🤪🤪🤪, those biscuits are everything but one time I want to Demetre’s on Dufferin road Toronto and got this – I don’t remember what it’s called but boy o boy it tastes Gooooodddd!!!! It was moist, not too sweet and the nuts gave it some crunch.



Also on my husband’s birthday we went back to Demetre’s and got the Island time, it is categorized as crepes and waffles and made of bananas, Belgian milk chocolate sauce and roasted almond slice with a huge scoop of coconut ice cream. See picture below

His expression is everything between, Lol

Now that I have been given the ok to begin working out by my midwives, I can’t indulge in this yumminess but it was fun while it lasted.

What do you crave from time to time? Let me know in the comments, please.


Photograph Of The Month (Food Edition)

Foodie Alert!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the second edition but this time i’m going to be less fancy with picture and use our imaginations. i apologize in advance

The picture above is a salad i made 2 weeks ago – i was on a cleanse and experiment to try eating more green vegetables and fruits hence the picture. My plate contains the following …. Spinach, roasted naan ,nuts,chicken breast, carrot, lettuces, celery, red cabbage and home -made dressing (olive oil, lemon,mustard, salt and black pepper)

It was the first time i made a dressing ever and i loved it, the salad was filling and tasty. Four days into my experiment it was surely worth the try as i felt much better.

IMG-20171020-WA0003 (1)
Breakfast- Eggs, mushroom,green onions and jam on bagel with herbal tea.

This was what i had for breakfast on Friday. I had it around past 11am, it was a lazy day and i wanted something quick and healthy at the same time hence this, what i love about this meal  is has a good amount of protein, carbs.


This right here was a product of the food court! I walked into a mall ;looking for a store and i ended up buying this .LOL  I had rice with shrimps and some sauce. it was nice but tasted too salty or it’s me i guess.

P.S – I’m sorry for the bad picture

Jollof Rice , coleslaw and beef.

*Nigerian Jollof* is the best !!!

This was at a Nigerian Restaurant i and friends went to in Toronto. We were celebrating my friend’s graduation from College so we decided to go spoil ourselves naija style. I did not have jollof rice that was my friend but instead i had pounded yam and Oha soup with Goat meat. Guys i kid you not, this meal made me sleep like a newborn baby. i was so happy afterwards topping it off with a bottle of vita malt to complete the meal.

Pounded yam is made from yam ,obviously – boiled yam which is then pounded to  derive the mold texture you see in that picture while Oha soup is made from cocoa yam, ora leave and palm oil. It tastes and feels divine i swear guys…

Pounded Yam and Oha Soup with Goat Meat

Unripe Plantain porridge with vegetable

I made this for lunch this past week as i said earlier i was trying to eat healthier and add more greens and vegetable to my diet.  This was made with palm oil(red oil), unripe plantain, chicken thighs, bell pepper,chili pepper, spinach, celery etc. i also added  some curry and ginger to give it that extra flavour. i am sure my belle was like damn girl – we are winning this season because it tasted delicious.