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New Food Alert (Quinoa)

In my new quest to find alternatives to rice i found quinoa!!! listen guys i know it’s not news and all but i have been living ignorantly because i refuse to give up rice completely plus the fact that the price of quinoa is kinda high there compared to rice. And i refused believe when people say quinoa is kinda like rice. I majorly just be like are these people crazy?? Rice is bae  and goes with  fish sauce, stew not forgetting  jollof rice etc but you can’t do that with quinoa now can you?

Yesterday i had a friend invite me over to her house and she told me she had quinoa and chicken in her kitchen. she asked that we make something tangible from these, since i’m not a rude person i replied- yea sure but i have never had quinoa and i hope you don’t mind but i already think i won’t enjoy this lunch. Long story short she made me cook it since am the better ‘cook’. We both had quinoa made from fresh chicken broth and tomatoes sauce with roasted chicken. I have to say it was not actually what i expected, it tasted really good.

Now, knowing that quinoa tastes almost as good as rice plus the great nutritional content like high protein,fiber and antioxidant. i will have it incorporated in my weekly meal even though i must admit 100percent it’s not quite like rice.(am Nigerian) hence the stupid love for rice. Lets not forget it’s also pricey but am willing to try more quinoa. Anything for a healthier me am up for it and i want you to share in this too.Do let me know how you eat your quinoa and recipes please!!


We are in August??

Hey Fam!

My life as been going so fast, I can’t believe its August.

How is your summer going?

What have you been up to?

What’s is new in your life?

For me- I have been going through a rollercoaster- I can’t even believe I am here. To be honest, God as been leading me through as my life is taking a different shape but I love it as its making me stronger,more matured and steady in life.

I have already been a strong person but for real these past 4 – 6months have been insane from the pressure, stress, betrayal etc but I can see the light at the end of tunnel – literally! This is for every one going through stormy times, trust the process and be consistent.

I will share my testimony soon it so worth all the struggle!


African Repping! (Black Panther Style)

In true Nigerian style I saw the Marvel movie – Black Panther finally yesterday and boy can I say … Sorry, no spoilers but I LOVED LOVED the movie. But I arrived at the movie theatre 30mins late- now that how you know am African with our African time shit!  My friend is still pissed but we agreed on going back to see it again next week.

I didn’t go all dressed and all but when I heard M’baku’s character played by Winston Duke    I immediately knew he was portraying a Nigerian Man because the accent was very good, so good I thought he was Nigerian. So when he spoke I lit up and almost screamed in the theatre. Also, the customs were really good, like i cant just explain it but I saw variation and cut through of various cultures, regions, tribes of Africa translated through the clothing every actor wore in the movie. I highly recommend watching the movie guys, it’s hard for me to write this blog without describing scenes from the movie hence why its gonna be short. LOL

Let me rate how you rate the movie. For me its a 9 outta 10,

Happy Black History Month

I guess it’s no coincidence that the movie  Black Panther will be officially released in February. Folks have been waiting on the movie like Jesus! what is hype about this movie you might ask? A movie with so much truth, depth and cultural renaissance that has the whole black race pacing back and forth! With the incredible backing of Marvel studios and an array of talented actors and actress; gaallll I can’t wait to see the movie. My African self is super proud so you can’t tell me nothing! Like literally.

On a serious note it shows how neglected an entire set of people feel, and the people between, so we as a people have to do better!

I have been seeing the pictures online from the movie premiere that took place on Sunday but I wanted to wait till today and the reviews I heard about the movie sound like it’s going to be the best 2hrs 15mins of the day, so I can’t wait. So on this note- Happy Black History Month and I will be writing more post this month so whenever you see the notification support and hurry down to my blog.





Grammy Recap (Record ,Song and Album Of The Year)

So basically last night was the Bruno Mars Awards, literally picking up the most awards of the night. Don’t get me, wrong guys, I loveeeee Bruno his tour sold out everywhere with A-List stars gracing the arena e.g Michelle Obama, Zendaya, Beyonce, Serena Williams etc,  He is a well-rounded artist, plays the instrument, sing, dances, super talented! However, in my opinion, “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber was a bigger song than “24k magic” this past year.

It did well in the charts, everybody and their mama know the song, it has over 4 billion views on youtube, it has been streamed 4.6 billion times according to this article here , this opened a whole new platform for unknown Reggaeton artist in North America to music lover who didn’t know about its existence.  Come on now, the grammy’s robbed Luis Fonsi of this award and I can’t help but wonder…

Is it because it’s a Spanish song and the Grammy voter can’t be bothered as we know they a group of committee mostly made up off old people.

Whatever the reason we can all agree, Despacito; even though at some point made us roll our eyes whenever we heard it or quickly flip the radio station only for it to be playing in the next radio station, one thing is for sure the song was a HIT! For Bruno Mars taking home Album of the year {which i though Kendrick Lamar or Jay Z would have taken} and Song of the year {i felt should be given to Logic ft Alessia Cara and Khalid} between all these and his very entertaining performance at the show ft Cardi B, and winning 3 other awards, we can all agree the Grammys was his show to run.  Another big winner was Kendrick Lamar with 5 sippy cup, lol, in his possession now – including Best Rap Album and Best Rap Sung Performance ft Rihanna.

For a full list of the  2018 Grammy winners click on this link

Having a Double Life

Having moved to Toronto Canada in January 2016 from Colombia where I was living in from March 2014. Basically I have been leaving a triple life at this point, it may sound fun or exciting but honestly, it can get exhausting half the time.  Especially if you are blessed enough to have great memories in every country you lived in, my case is as such. Not only do I have great memories I have a  new huge family in Colombia,  as I met some incredible and warmest people ever over there, not to add that my boyfriend currently lives in Colombia.

While my Nigerian family hasn’t seen me in close to 4 years now, my heart is constantly with them especially my Mum. Sometimes I wish she were with me, conversations over the phone and on Whatsapp is not nearly enough. I just graduated from College (well the actual ceremony is in June) but I am done and I hope I can gather all my loved one around me rather than travelling up and down. It is definitely going to take a while but I am more than ready to put in that work, as Canada is my new home now.

Folks on my social media see me travelling and only look at the glamorous side and are quick to draw their conclusion but if only they knew-

The sleepless night, the loneliness, the frustration, the visa process, the overtime I put in to save for every trip, the tears………

A popular saying goes -you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  Fam, please cherish and live in the moment, don’t take it for granted!


Drop an encouraging line please,

My first 200 likes

Hi readers and writers,

I just got a notification from WordPress about reaching my 1st 200 likes.

Hello Darlings💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Thank you for your support. I didn’t expect whatever I got on this platform, true story. I have always loved talking hence my growing career in media, I decided to try writing while I grow and get a bigger outreach.

Its been a year I started writing and with this boost from you the readers I will like to say THANK YOU and I will keep writing even on days I feel like I don’t have the strength or nothing at all to write about.

See you at my 1000 likes soon 😚

P.S- I am still indecisive on what to focus my blog on but I will figure this out as I grow.