African Repping! (Black Panther Style)

In true Nigerian style I saw the Marvel movie – Black Panther finally yesterday and boy can I say … Sorry, no spoilers but I LOVED LOVED the movie. But I arrived at the movie theatre 30mins late- now that how you know am African with our African time shit!  My friend is still pissed but we agreed on going back to see it again next week.

I didn’t go all dressed and all but when I heard M’baku’s character played by Winston Duke    I immediately knew he was portraying a Nigerian Man because the accent was very good, so good I thought he was Nigerian. So when he spoke I lit up and almost screamed in the theatre. Also, the customs were really good, like i cant just explain it but I saw variation and cut through of various cultures, regions, tribes of Africa translated through the clothing every actor wore in the movie. I highly recommend watching the movie guys, it’s hard for me to write this blog without describing scenes from the movie hence why its gonna be short. LOL

Let me rate how you rate the movie. For me its a 9 outta 10,

2 thoughts on “African Repping! (Black Panther Style)

  1. It was a great movie – the accent, the tribes represented, the handsome men & beautiful women, there were female warriors too. Everything was on point. Those lip plates freaked me out though lool


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