Happy Black History Month

I guess it’s no coincidence that the movie  Black Panther will be officially released in February. Folks have been waiting on the movie like Jesus! what is hype about this movie you might ask? A movie with so much truth, depth and cultural renaissance that has the whole black race pacing back and forth! With the incredible backing of Marvel studios and an array of talented actors and actress; gaallll I can’t wait to see the movie. My African self is super proud so you can’t tell me nothing! Like literally.

On a serious note it shows how neglected an entire set of people feel, and the people between, so we as a people have to do better!

I have been seeing the pictures online from the movie premiere that took place on Sunday but I wanted to wait till today and the reviews I heard about the movie sound like it’s going to be the best 2hrs 15mins of the day, so I can’t wait. So on this note- Happy Black History Month and I will be writing more post this month so whenever you see the notification support and hurry down to my blog.





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