I Missed My Flight????

Devastated, Hunger, Sad, Frustrated ,Mad,Depressed these are some of the adjectives that could express how it felt that night at Toronto Pearson  Airport ….

Where do i start???

All i can say is i wish this experience on no one first all and always trust your instinct.

The day begins as thus…

So i had my trip planned and all but my boyfriend was buying my tickets from Colombia as i was traveling down there from a travel agent , Initially i was supposed to leave for Bogota on Thursday night at 1am but at around 8pm i got a call from the agent saying ” Because of my passport  (Nigerian) i can’t connect through Mexico airport ,blah  blah…… and she said i’m sorry ”  i was at the hairdressers place at the time i got that call and i was ranting and hollering for 30 minutes until i eventually calmed down. She told me i would leave for Bogota the next night and i said ok. little did i know that i was going to miss my flight! At around 5pm in the evening i called a friend of mine and asked him to please drop me off at the airport – he said he would do so although he was down town but would make it back in time so we could leave for the airport by 8pm since my flight was for 11.40pm and it would take 30mins to get to the airport. I figured the night was going to be perfect.

All packed and ready to leave for the airport at 8pm , my friend still hadn’t showed up,i waited for another 30 minutes then called him but i got his voicemail, i should have known at that time to get a taxi and leave but i didn’t! – Mistake 1

He eventually came at past nine and yea traffic was waiting for us on the highway so we fast forward to where i was running around the airport looking for my carrier to get checked in, i got there at 10.50pm and the fine lady attendant at the counter told me – it was closed,i responded then open it! And the rest was blurry from there on.  I swear it’s not the most pleasant experience- i felt a rush of everything through my vessels, i was confused as to how i allowed this happened and why no one from the air line could help me.

Interjet is the name of the airline. its Mexican and fairly new hence highly affordable  and inefficient. i was told to call their customer care line and that went 1hour well. I’m guessing since they are new they don’t have a stall in the airport hence poor services. Long story short i slept at the airport hoping i would be able to get on the next flight but i was told the next one leaving Toronto was 11.40pm on Saturday. After beating myself and coming to realisation that  i messed up and even worse my agent who am sure bought my flight ticket for as low as nothing wanted to have nothing to do with me i picked myself up and took a taxi back home. This was the same taxi i was trying to not take in the first place. Free ride comes with a price i understand now….

I got home bought a new ticket and left later that night, conclusively i won’t be buying any flight ticket for Catalina, already blocked her from my contact list and secondly don’t be stupidly cheap like me Losing 1000dollars worth ticket over a free ride to the airport.


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