Soundcloud Podcast Series

Hi Family,

It been a minute………….. i am so sorry. i missed you guys so much and i hope you did miss me too?

I have been taking in what life has been throwing my way- Literally this year is one that i thought would never happen to me. I did almost everything by the books but still fell on the unlucky side but that aside i am writing you today meaning i am still standing and will keep forging ahead! One thing that gets me going is my vision. Knowing fully well i have a lot of work to do and every little step matters hence this podcast series.

This is my baby project, i figured i love to talk and need a space so why not jump on soundcloud with a good colleague of mine and make magic! we are on our fourth series into the podcast and would love for you to listen, enjoy and spread the word. Myself and Joseph on social @stjoe who is incredibly eloquent, knowledgeable and a major hip hop groupie, we try to breakdown latest happenings in entertainment especially the world of hip hop giving our honest opinion. If you like this kind of commentary or you know someone who is major hip hop junkie direct them to our podcast.

We still don’t have a name for the show, what should we call it? Do hit play on the link below.


Thank you…….

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