As the CNE,(Canadian National Exhibition) also known as the EX wraps up today  September 4th at the Exhibition grounds those of you who don’t make it this year and thinking about it next year here’s so of the things i think you should know.

The CNE attracts hundreds of thousand of people from all over the world, everyday for the 18days it runs through, it is one of the largest annual fairs in North America. How ever you are getting to the CNE it’s always a struggle with the long queues ,clumsy crowd,etc. It’s overwhelming almost but here are some guides to help you have a smoother and fun experience at the CNE!

  1. CASH ONLY– If you are like me then you like to not walk around with cash thanks to interac and android pay these days but the CNE doesn’t allow for this luxury as you require cash at almost every food vendor or gaming center you patronize. The only place i remember having the option of not paying cash was at the ticket outlets,but everywhere else i checked out with my friends we had to pay with cash. Infact i had to use the ATM and i got charged 3 dollars, so imagine the inconvenience of looking for an ATM machine in a crowded and busy ground full with people and probably have to wait in line for a couple of minutes at the ATM, waste of time and vibe killer. So avoid this and go with cash especially if you have a large family, indecisive of with you want to do or just don’t have a budget. i  highly recommend going with some cash. But if you run into this problem you can find an ATM at the food building, at the shopping center and some on the ground close to the gaming section.


LONG QUEUES – Yes! it’s inevitable and it doesn’t change with the time of the day as long as the CNE is open the long queues just fill up everywhere. From the gate entrance to the food building especially the rides ,OMG! i and my friends had to stand in line for an hour and 40mins for a ride that lasted only 1minute and you would think we are grown up’s with better things to do but that was the case. Almost every ride at the CNE had these queues so we joined in the waiting fun. We only went on two rides between but the wait  in totally for these ride was about 2hours 30mins. I would suggest going to the CNE with comfortable shoes,and a bottle of water in other to make the process less drenching.

FOOD BUILDING- This was the first place we went to immediately we made our way into the CNE and we were not disappointed. I was overwhelmed as a matter of fact because there were so many sections and food vendors in and outside the building that i had a tough time choosing so i settled for some Rice and peas with goat (Jamaican ).  It wasn’t so good depending on the price -15.75 but i was hungry and wanted something to eat without waiting in line for a long time.  I also stopped for some dessert at the Cake Shack and i wish i had a picture to help describe the joy i felt at the sight of my treat.What i should have done was checked the CNE website and look up the food vendors ahead of time so as to avoid walking around the huge food building looking for what food vendor is there and what they have. I also should have used the Map but i totally forgot until i was on my way out of the CNE.  P.S- If you aren’t into food there are street food, dessert places, pubs etc as well.

EVENTS LINE -UP– There is so much to do at the CNE that you can’t be bored or not find anything that would catch your eye. The rides this year was top -notch in my opinion, the dress up’s the rock bands and musical performances, the games, the market vendors, the shopping center, the food building, the media interaction ,the vijay’s etc. Whatever you are into or not into you can come across at the CNE. Oh and the air show is another highlight at the CNE.20170903_202826

FREEBIES AND GREAT DEALS– You can get to win free gifts, cash included at the CNE, another reason i go lol but i haven’t won nothing yet so am going to try next year. Radio stations particularly looking to engage their listeners and reward them hence freebies. Also the vendors tend to have good deals depending on what you are in the market for. It’s kinda like a flea market but alil bit expensive i would say but hey it the EX everything is expensive sadly.





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