Food Festival @ El Virrey Park

Who doesn’t love food? Especially when it’s at a discounted price?

Last weekend the food festival @el virrey kicked off , August (19th-21st) 2017 and it’s continuing this weekend so if you in Bogota over the weekend i recommend that you go to this food festival. The food at the festival is mostly from all over the continent also merchandises that you did probably be looking for you can find there. Like for instance i found some good coconut oil and African inspired turban at the festival.

Me and my Friend having an Empanada

Its also a good place to connect with old friends and meet people who might share common ground with. i met with a couple of English travellers and a Turkish man. It starts in the AM to 8PM, and if the weather permits it even a better day with a ton of free stuff ,master cooking classes and great music.


Peruvian rice and Sea food

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