Nigerian in Colombia

What is an African doing in Colombia?

Why south America?

But you don’t speak Spanish!

Their is nothing progressive in Colombia!

You can’t build a life in Colombia…………


All these numerous questions and more i get asked and these are the polite ones. People ask ridiculous questions when you can just google it or atleast do some basic research *rolleyes* Anyway, i didn’t choose Colombia rather it’s the other way round. i have a video on youtube  about it but i got this question again when i told someone i was traveling to Colombia in August.

Just like people anywhere else in the world Colombia is a beautiful place with vibrant and lovely people and i am a people person. My boyfriend is also currently living in Colombia so -LOL! But  honestly home isn’t only where you were given birth in or where your family is but where you find happiness,peace and rediscover yourself . Colombia has done some of these for me in the past 3 year. So it is my second home,

View of Bogota Colombia from Monserrate

This blog is dedicated to all travelers, backpackers, roamer’s of the world. As the world shrinks and cultures are been exchanged and appreciated, it becomes clearer that there is everlasting liberation in discovering new borders and hopping on a plane to find whatever it is you are looking for or not looking for.



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