Albums on Rotation

Disclaimer–  i am not a music critic but a music lover however i am open to expanding my music library and knowledge hence i try to listen to as much music as possible.

Recently i got tired of listening to my to go music – no disrespect i just needed something fresh a friend of mine recommended that i listened to Logic and Saba’s album. this was about 3 months ago and since then i have been hooked. As a consumer aside from the beats or rhythm of the music, i need progressive content, lyrics that will put you up on some reflective thoughts. Music that makes you wanna do better and act better is what i like to listen to at the end of the day. Also not forgetting something to 2 step to or twerk occasionally. lol

J Cole  – What can i say that hasn’t been said – thinking……  Nothing but the brother takes you on a ride  that you don’t see coming. His latest album “For your eyes only”  is what we expected from J Cole and more. Forward and sleek with words,his ability to tell a story or picture a vivid picture that gets ingrained in your mind is very dynamic. Most of all he’s part of the realest ones still doing good music. so yet not for J Cole?



Logic – HE’S BI-RACIAL. Let’s clear that up. So now that’s been said he killed his “Everybody” album. Logic takes us on a journey ,starting with the struggles he faced growing with his mum who was a crackhead and his dad who was never around. His struggle with anxiety and racism. Logic is all about inclusiveness hence the title of his album Everybody.  Guys don’t sleep on this album.



Meek Mill– Meek latest album “Wins and Losses”  documents his latest life lessons revolving around his famous ex girlfriend, beef with Drake and his growth since his previous album “DC4” in my opinion. I missed the street style and his rawness, his ability to connects the dots from the street of Philly to the white house. He gets me because he raps about have of the thing we -as regular people don’t want to speak about in our day to day life. He features a number of artist too like Chris Brown ,Ty dolla sign, Teyana Taylor and Rick Ross. I have feel you should take a listen to the album,

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