Canada 15Oth


I clearly don’t qualify to write this but i don’t care because this is looking like my new home so yes i do qualify. I have spent the past year in Canada ,Toronto to be exact and it’s not so bad. I mean i miss my family and all, including Colombia,ahhh Colombia; that is a different blog post for another day however Canada just turned 150 and the various festivities were befitting to celebrate this huge mile stone. Including parades, fireworks, walks across the city,ribfest and the waterfestival and the duck of course to name a few.

Selfie amist the crowd with the famous duck

There was everything and anything you can think of from performance from band member U2, to the royal family of England making an appearance at the parliament Hill in Ottawa to the enormous rubber Duck at the harbourfront in Toronto which cost over 100,000 cad dollars ,just sayin’  and the prime minister himself Justin Trudeau and his graceful wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau . Most importantly the ability to be able to come together and integrate the many diverse cultures is what make Canada great. Now it’s not perfect there is still room for growth and more interaction but it shows hope for all you know. My last year has not been the best but i am not complaining as i know it will definitely get better. Studying while working part-time and also trying to balance it with what you have going on in your life can be overwhelming, trust me-i know but it has also taught me to live in the moment and enjoy life.

Canada is definitely a must visit guys, the people the various culture and the food…… i am yet to travel around because i have been extremely busy but my 1st stop is going to be Calgary then Ottawa. Here is to Canada wishing this beloved country many incredible years ahead.  Soem photos below from my Canada 150th celebration in Toronto.

The Big Duck
Fire works on Monday @Nathan Phillps square.

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