The world around us seems to be full of lots of up’s ,tribulations, trials they seem to be constant. This past week was one like that for me, i just wanted to pause time and try to figure out what i did wrong. Sometimes i feel like i’m not doing enough and sometimes i’m sure of myself. i have more frustrating days than more happy days try as i might to be confident and positive i still go to bed wondering………..

I have this map about how my life was going to play out-you know? I was sure and ready to rock that life but reality and God is like chill dear, LOL. The news about the Grenfell fire in London that suddenly claimed lives of young, beautiful people shook me not because i don’t hear a lot of bad news everyday dahhh!!!! The news this days is full of them but the fact that those lovely people went to bed thinking – oh! yea i’m going to do this and that and had a whole bunch of to dolist . Just waiting for the morning to come but unfortunately that was not the case.  My point is life is a gift, i know this but sometimes i allow myself to drown in my failures rather than my accomplishments.


#This are to people like me, feeling under and down#  You got this!!!!

Don’t give up, find the simplest things around you that makes you smile and do that every day. Make sure to speak with a close friend of yours whenever it seems like life situation is choking you out.  I cry even, because that’s how i release tension and sadness. And most of all be sure to appreciate every time you have on earth because tomorrow is not promised.Spend time with your loved ones,

Live more,travel,go to that concert you think you can’t afford. LIVE IN THE MOMENT!


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