Whether you grow up in the late 80’s,90’s or y2k (2000), the group TLC was POPPING!!!  They were every where from parties, the streets,the movies and on the radio. I can’t forget hearing this melodic yet lyrical song – No scrub, i was 12 0r 13 years old and as a girl who went to a missionary boarding school – i hardly know what new songs was out or even had the chance to listen to anything other than christian songs. So whenever we went home on a midweek break – my one mission was to sit close to the radio and listen to all the new and old songs and memorize them.  You can imagine my excitement when no scrubs came on i was like i have to learn this and was gonna prepare a choreography with my friends to the song for an event called “social night”


All this to say this group was part of the soundtrack to my early teenage years and i loved every minute of it. Sometime in 2015 Chill and Tboz started a kickstarter to help them make a new album after their last album in 2002, 430,000k later the album which was promised to be released later that year was a hoax. This sent fan into a frenzy but fast forward to June  2017 the 1st official video to their new single is out!!!!!!!!  Its called way back  – listening to it it brings a lot of feelings, some two stepping and slow wine. Check the video out and let me know your top 3 TLC song as for me……..

  1. Creep
  2. No scrubs 
  3. Diggin’ on you  

P.S – Their album hits the shelves on the 30th of june, anticipate music fans.  And a world tour near your city this summer,


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