I have been sitting on this particular blog post for a while, my bad. i was waiting for the perfect day – crazy right? Well guys……

This is one of the beautiful days i spent in Bogota Colombia on my last trip in December. i and my friends went out to the very historic and touristic part of Bogotá (La Candelaria). This is the hippest, one of the busiest, multi- cultural and cool part of cuidad de Bogotá. I can write a book on La candelaria, it was my 1st home when i got to Colombia. Ahhhhh- sweet memories. I remembered getting “dumped” in a hostel called Masaya Hostel, with no understanding of spanish, no Colombian pesos etc. i had to share a bunk bed with a girl from Greece, ohh yea my luggage was missing so i had basically nada! She helped me feel comfortable and get around La candelaria. i remember getting lost around but the one thing that would stand out and help me retrace my steps were these bold and colorful graffiti. They were every where, you could not but fall in love and every one of them has a story behind it.




I would always want to take pictures and share them with friends because there are no words to describe the beauty in these grafitti. Colombia is my 2nd home, i would retire there and do more communities work in by God’s grace. All this to say if you are ever in Bogota- make a stop at La  candelaria. i would call it a hub or like a hive because it has everything you want and need and it never sleeps.

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