1 Year in the freezing city

I relocated to Toronto Canada from Bogota Colombia, these cities are immensely different. Colombia known to be a fun -loving and the happiest country in the world according to WIN/Gallup International’s Annual global End of Year survey, which is very legit and true to one of the coldest countries in the world. While i was in the process of this change people would tell me why not choose another country because Canada is no joke, and seeing that i have never lived in one or experienced winter prior i would rethink for a minute and my response goes.. “it can’t be that cold”.  Damn was i wrong! it’s been a year since i moved down to Toronto, i experienced my first winter last year, i fell ill after 3 weeks from the cold,the stress and just looking at the snow pile up. LOL!funny-canada-meme-10


My second winter and counting … Canadians talk about winter and the weather like i talk about food! So much passion involved. It’s still so hard  for me to relate though, but am getting it i mean i have to or else i will freeze to coma, literally speaking. it’s cold out here and do not be deceived by the sunny sky, you have to check the weather updates frequently to live. Whats funny is the way the climate changes in a blink of an eye, its freezing rain on Monday and then it’s foggy on Tuesday, Wednesday we back to flurries  haaaaaaaaa!!!! The power a good cup of double double from Tim Hortons is quite interesting on a freezing cold double digit morning.  After all is said i can’t wait for spring meanwhile this is the best time to get great deals on winter boots and jackets.



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