My Musical Roots (FBF)

*My life growing up revolved around music.* Afrobeats

This was before i knew anything about hip-pop or pop music. we had this retro stereo player. The one that spin the the record and only plays when the automated pinned outlet lands on the record. Yes that one! I know i have lived LOL… We had records from Shina peters,Alex O,King Sunny Ade, Michael Jackson, Bright Chimezie, Oliver De Coque and Fela Anikulapo Kuti. These were the days of good, i swear. I would go to every birthday party in the estate and come home with either 1st or 2nd place and a gift of course because i was pretty conversant with all the songs they played at the party. My mum would always play all this records when i had friends over or when she was cleaning around the house.  The melody that eludes from the talking drum,shekere,algaita to name a few musical instrument is beyond beautiful to say the least.When combined with the good lyrics and spoken in our local dialects its blows! I am very proud of my roots and will always carry it  everywhere i go.

These records set the tune to the type of person i am partal. All these artist are probably in there late 70’s or early 70’s now that how legendary these music is;as it was all raw and genuine. The new age artist some of  which you might know like Wizkid,Davido and Tuface who is by no way new to the music scene to name a few are the artists building off the foundation these legends laid down. So there are some of the songs i grew up on…… enjoy them and let me know what you think especially if you are into these kind of music.


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