Do awards matter this days(The Grammys)

Candidly speaking  after i fell in love with the radio at a young age of 9, my next thought was to find these music videos and see these brilliant artists behind all my favorite songs. I would watch the tele, into the night because that was the time TV stations back in Nigeria would play music videos but none of  the songs i loved or liked would come on. I kept on the search until one day i catch a glimpse of the grammys awards ceremony (1998). This was my first time seeing something so fabulous and glamorous, (it was in a video tape). My aunty is also a music lover so she wanted to see the awards as well.

I say all this to say back in the days awards were glorified and highly dignified, even by getting a sheer nomination it was huge, not to talk of winning the award. The grammys is seen by most artist as the pinnacle of success in the music industry. So they do matter, even though we now face some type of rebellion and the quality of music made this days are without finesse in my opinion and these artist want to be nominated.

The grammys and any kind of award out there matters. It matters because it shows accolade and acknowledge what ever effort the artist or individual as put into his or her work.  I asked around to see how many people will be watching the grammys this  Sunday but people seem not to care. This is now becoming a trend among people, i have noticed but when their alleged favorite artist don’t go home with the award in the category they were nominated in, all hell breaks. The tweets and memes go viral. Lets step back a bit the academy of the grammy is made up of 50 professionals with creative or technical credits on 6 official releases and there are 2 rounds of voting by the academy before the verified nominations.

Hence a lot of thoughts and process goes through these nominations. if you can’t tell i am a sucker for the grammys would be watching with a snack. (i’m thinking home made peppered wings with strawberry juice). You have to put thought into the snack y’all it makes everything even more exciting. I can’t wait to see Beyonce and Katy Perry performance on Sunday……

What do you think about the grammys? are you watching on Sunday? who are you rooting for to win an award?Below is the link to the nominees for the 2017 grammys happening on the 13th of February.

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