1 Down 11 to go…..

I remember writing a blog about a better and healthier lifestyle this year. I figured if i shared it i would be compelled to actually do something, so i did. I got my last order in the mail and it arrived this afternoon. These are the list of things i ordered-

  • Vega essentials  (chocolate flavoured) -29.97 Cad dollars
  • An oster 8 speed blender – 29.98 Cad dollars
  • Foe Aloe vera juice – 8.97 Cad dollars
  • 2 boxes of oatmeal – both for 5 Cad dollars
  • Great Value Organic Whole Flax Seeds – 2.97 Cad dollars

20170131_194259These are just a few items, i feel are going to help me as i transcend into this lifestyle.i got the blender in order to juice more often and the  Vega essential of course is going to help my protein intake. There’s still more to get i feel but i know my core problem is my carbs intake hence i am trying to surround myself with more whole food and protein then carbs.As a proud Nigerian we love rice lol, its really a problem. From next month -February i am going to begin my day by taking the foe aloe vera juice every morning and night which is going to help cleanse and remove the toxic in my body.

Seeing that i am in College i have a high tendency to snack a lot on junk food, so i have decided to have a lot of healthy snack in my backpack (fruits,nuts). I find myself always getting a french vanilla or a cookie. I am also going to cook more greens like Kale, spinach, green peas and broccoli. Now i am still going to eat rice but i plan to have rice twice a week (brown rice). Am cool with eating the same food all week as long as it’s spicy (i don’t play with my spices). A few substitute for rice are sweet potatoes, vegetable soup and green plantain. As for the flax seed i intend to use it in my juice and also baking. Flax seed is said to have high fiber, help lose weight and belly fat. I hope to be as faithful  as possible through this journey  for the month of February, and to keep you up you date with my improvements.



*Disclaimer* – I am not an health expert nor a nutritionist. This is just a trial and error situation.