How often and hard do we think?

You know how you at work right, and bored to death. in my case i have surfed my various social media pages over and over again. Did not know what else to do, so i took a walk around and i found this book in a locker. Picked it up and started reading it, 2nd chapter into the book it says most people these days do not take time out to think.


Do you think it’s true?  i believe it to a reasonable amount, i seem to think i know everything (i know how my day should go), i hardly or never take time out to think about my decisions, the consequence or a creative ways to get about a situation except it’s an assignment or a content to be created.  I am definitely guilty of this, What about you?

According to a part of the book (How to think like a freak) by Steven D.Levitt and Stephen J.Dubner, it says -a few people think more than two to three times a year.  A year! That is alarming no? The best time i find fresh thought is either after a workout session, in the shower or when i ride the bus. Whatever the case i find reading also helps, it poke your brain and goes place you didn’t know existed. Speaking of reading i just got a book  i can’t describe it! Just Loveeeeee-  it’s called questions for Ada by Ijeoma Umebinyuo.  Please check the book out if you are into deep poetry.  The link to the book is below.

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