My luggages (what did i get myself into?)

*Disclaimer*- This is not to tarnish or slander this countries, i am just speaking from real life events and happenings as regards to what i experienced. who else has gone through the same experience?



I left Colombia for Canada last night on the 21st of January and as usual i knew a couple of people who wanted me to take some items for their loved one’s. i didn’t hesitate and to be exact i had no worries, some may say i  am naive. To me i felt like these people wouldn’t play me like that so why not help deliver a couple packs of coffee and mani (nuts). 2hours to my flight my bags were packed and locked but a scenario kept playing in my head over and over. Almost like i was have an epiphany, and no thanks to Alerta Aeropuerto (a colombian TV show on national geography, which narrates  how people are caught with drugs in their luggage or body). 

I was scared shitless, but i like to think that none of this people would play me like that-you know. My boyfriend raved when i told him i was helping someone deliver a small package. He was not pleased, but i felt like if the tables were turned i would like someone to help me out when needed. Then a day before my trip, the principal at the former high school where i worked at, saw me and coincidently has a son in Canada and wanted me to help her out.  *In my mind,i am like am dead, how do i deal with this type of situation* . Mind you i had two travel luggages and one of them was for a friend; hence i was going to have 3 different packages and two outta them i don’t know so well.  Saturday 21st 2.35am – i was checked in and ready to go, i had a layover of 50 minutes in El Salvador. This was not my first time passing through that airport ,so i figured it was just going to be a walk in the park -WRONG!

On my way back from the bathroom i was greeted by this long queue,we had to check-in again. I was filled with frustration and anguish, it was the longest 50 minutes ever plus the fact that i was the only black girl. when it was my turn i was taken to the side and the questions came in –

  • where is your Canadian visa?
  • why are you going to Canada?
  • How long were you in Colombia for?

    Some of the items i had in my luggage (coffee, nuts,cake,chips etc)

I felt like is was set up or something, after a couple of minutes they let me join the queue of people boarding the plane. i can’t expresses how bad i felt, and finally we land at Pearson airport Toronto. On my way out were sniffer dogs, i mean i just couldn’t catch a break. on top of this i left my study permit at home which is suppose to be in my passport. Immigration had to do some basic check in other to let me through- another set of questions! i died! i got home 1 hour later and truth be told i am still recovering from the stress, (the scrutiny and the fear of the unknown). Passing through 3 highly secured airports,i don’t think i’m going to carry someone’s luggage in a while.


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