FlashBackFriday (Sade Adu)

This past week was the ever beautiful, talented and graceful Sade Adu birthday. She turned 58 years old on the 16th of january. i adore this woman for various reasons but here are a few of them- She is Nigerian with a nationality of the british; and am i Nigerian (i know it sounds cheesy) ;but i sure can relate to this so much. why?? Well back when i was around 6 years old ,somewhere in Lagos state Nigeria  her music video came on on the television. i remember like it was right now, it was Sweetest Taboo.

It was the first time my musical ear were opened, i just stood in front of the TV and starred until  the song faded. The song kept playing in my head until forever, that’s how resonanting her song is.I later asked and my aunty told me who she was. i couldn’t believe how angelic she looked.  Hence she is one of my many motivation that everyone is talented and beautiful in there own way.

The smooth, soft, rhythmic and enchant fullness to her music is so intense, and am sure i am not the only one who feels this way? She is just captivating, so yea by now you can tell i’m a huge fan. Secondly she is very graceful and powerful in such a strong way you know, she just stands out and transcends over decades. Thirdly she is a performer, by the way she sings and moves you can tell every note and lyrics of the song is relevant. I hope to see her on tour one day but till then, here is another song of her’s i love below.

Have a lovely weekend….



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