How do you keep it Together?

Hey guys,

Am sure some of you like me are sick of new year’s resolutions? If you are like me, you already know you won’t last 1 week with the resolution ish! LOL, sad but true. The ultimate resolution all day all year is to be a better me. Hence my point- as i get older i strangely become a stronger human emotionally, physically and spiritually. My self confidence has grown even more and i want to show that physically. Now don’t get it twisted,i love my body that’s why i want to be accountable; so am putting myself out here.

Me in July 2015

I would like to lose at least 20 kg this year. A Lot of my weight comes from my eating habit which am aware of and don’t even get me started on slim tea. They won’t work if your diet is crappy. Trust me i tried a couple of them, what will work is a good diet and yes i know this because i was on one before i backslide. My only problem is i love rice, HELP ME!!!  Any ways i am putting it out there so i hold myself accountable. I also promise to walk more often instead of taking the bus or subway;but as for now i am still on vacation (in Colombia) and will return to my reality on the 23rd of January. I hope to encourage other people on this journey  as well, be it your dreams  or passion.We can do it and achieve it- all we  need is a bit of push.

I am going to write and share pictures of my step by step tricks and fitness journey.As a matter of fact i am shopping for a good blending or juicer at the moment,aswell as some protein shake.If you have any tip or want to share any thing that worked for you please comment down below.

Have a great week,

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