Closer To Nature (Parapente Paraiso)

As my vacation comes to an end in Colombia sadly; i recently visited a little town called Sopo on the 13th of January in Cundinamarca Colombia. i visited this town sorely for paragliding- parapente in spanish. i was ready to go up in the air but the wind didn’t let me.i got there at 11am and waited for 3 hours to go up in the air but the wind was not blowing in our direction hence i couldn’t paraglide.

I got tired of waiting around,and started talking selfies and making short videos- lol. Did i mention how obsessed i am with landscapes and mountains views. I am closer to nature than i ever imagined, I love Colombia. lol

Sopo, Colombia.

So if you ever in colombia i advise you to indulge and travel around to the small town in Colombia.The best quality of life are in the towns and villages. Their also other activities to do in Sopo aside from Paragliding. Zip lining, paintball, cycling and hiking etc. Nature awaits you here in Sopo Colombia.

Directory of Sopo

P.S- Whenever you are traveling around buy some snacks, as food can be expensive or limited options depending on what you like.

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