The Art Of Traveling

I am thinking of making this blog post a serial type of post as i can’t fully express myself in just this post.what do you think? Right, before i bombard you thoughts, i will personally like to share how tremendously traveling has made me a better person.

With some of my students in Bogota Colombia
At the lake near buenaventura in Colombia.

I come from a typically African home,of which i am the 1st child and daughter. Growing up i would consider my self from a middle class home and was fortunate to go to some of the finest schools in Nigeria. Now that been said, i never traveled much while i was a child except for going to my mother’s village or my dad’s. What did i know about traveling really? As i grow older into my teens i discovered that half my friends left the country that was when i thought to myself- How is life outside my environment. Traveling is not as easy as these people on the TV make it look ;as it involves a lot. in my case my very 1st trip outside Africa took me 25 years to realize and it was worth the wait.

I journed to Colombia ,South America.Why Colombia? that is a story for another blog post.Needless to say latinos are so passionate and affectionate it’s insane. lol , So guys please embark on this beautiful art of self discovery, realization and appreciation by traveling……

2017 let move around more, even if its within the country you live. it does a lot,i can assure you. Till next blog,

In santa Marta Colombia,

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