2017 and Moving Forward

Happy new years beautiful people, i am most excited that we got another 365 days to make the world a better place. Sadly we also getting older (i hate this part) lol; anyways what has 2016 taught me?

I for one, am on this intense journey, trying to figure out what best and what works for me and most importantly do right by myself and my family. i just recently started growing into a person i want to be around and believe me i love this person. 2016 set the building blocks of my life as i begin to hold myself accountable,respect for self discovery and i mind my business even more. (lol) i know you wonder what the heck i am talking about, but truth be told i was always looking at other people’s life in other to evaluate and define my life. All that died in 2016, i really like really don’t care for what my friend has gotten or has achieved. I will leave according to mine and that of God’s declaration.

Aslas; let all try to be even more forgiving and grateful for the life we  have on this earth. impact and spread love not hate. i promise to write more blogs than i did last year. Stay true and positive. Happy 2017…….

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