Freedom at last for some of the chibok girls who went missing two years ago. Exactly 21 girls have been released by the terrorist group boko haram, it is beyond depressing to see these young girls go through so much; pain and have their lives at the mercy of these heartless people. They look so unhealthy and frail, i have never appreciated my existence so much, until i heard about how these teenage girls were grabbed from their dorm rooms; in the early hours of the morning. I went to a boarding house myself in high school, so i can picture how vulnerable they were at the point of the attack

The 21 chibok girls reuniting with their loved one’s

The Nigerian  government claims they are doing all they can to get the remaining girls back to their families. I hope this happens as quick as possible,and the government owes this girls and their family every thing including rehabilitation, therapy everything!! We as a race need to do better and cherish every living thing despite there color, culture and ethnicity. We need to do way better! Life is way perish. My hearts and prayer’s are with the girls and their family.  

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