Is Love A Lie??

This past week has been on of the most eventful week in Hollywood ,if i say so myself! i took my time to write this because i wanted to get all my fact right in other to channel a stronger opinion to my reader’s. With the madness going on around the world it was definitely a shock to me hearing Bragenlina slipit (the world most famously married couple). They looked so good smiling and in control, alway like it was natural you know? .Not forgetting they have 6six between them and have been together for 12 years.

liev-schreiber-naomi-watts-2Another huge breakup was that of Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts. I mean come on what the heck is going on? after 11 years together and two lovely kids. Really guys? Any time i saw them walked the red carpet i would get lost in beautiful thoughts and i truly believed they represented the true meaning of LOVE . It’s beyond unfortunate that it seems couples and love in Hollywood is highly vague these days. the  most disgusting part for me is everybody seem to have called it came true.

rs_634x634-160728095122-600-mary-j-blige-martin-kendu-issacs-divorce.jpgFinally Mary J .Blige and her husband /Manager Kendu have broken up after 13 years of marriage citing irreconcilable difference. Kendu was with Mary J.Blige after she went through a messy relationship and it seemed like he was the one .They have no children between them but after 10 years i would think any marriage is about solid but it seems not. Correct me if am wrong but after been in a long relationship i would think any couple would be better concrete!  Another voice in my head is saying to me probably because it Hollywood, nothing good is safe in Hollywood. Whatever it is i don’t want to be a part of. i sincerely wish them well but what do you think……

Is Love now a word or it really exist. 

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