MY Music TAKE!!

Now a lot of music is blazing out of the oven , like literally. Everyday artist are dropping new music which makes it some worth harder to keep up with sometimes but thanks to the radio stations for keeping us up to date with the music industry. My ONLY problem is most radio are using the same format stations which is …… TOP 40 Format!

I am so sick of this it so enduring to me when i turn on the radio and hear the same song in a space of one hour. like really?? but i guess this is what is has come down to hence i dig for my music. These are some of the music that have come out but are not on the radio and i wanted to share with no particular other, Please check them out and let me know what you think. Enjoy!!


Tinie Tempah ft Wizkid- Mamacita

Chris Brown – Grass Ain’t greener

Dj Khaled ft Nas – Nas Album Done

Dreezy ft Gucci Mane – We Gon Ride


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