15 years today -Aaliyah (we miss you)

I  woke up today and looked at my twitter trend and the hash tag #Aaliyah was number 1 trending topic, currently its number 8 trending topic. I immediately know it had to be her death anniversary today. Today  August 25th 2001 ,15 years ago she passed away from a deadly plane crash on her way back from the Bahamas with her dancers after completing her video shoot for ‘Rock the Boat’. She was only 22years old when she passed., she is still to me the princess of R and B, she had the complete package. She was a complete artist- she sings, dances and performs beautifully.

During her short lived career she released 3 studio album and this are some of my favorite songs off the 3 albums. Off her debut album released in 1994  called Age Ain’t nothing but a number – Back & Forth, old school and I’m down. These songs were freaking spectacular in my opinion. back then growing up it felt like she was my best friend as she sang to my emotions. No doubt she will be missed.  Now moving on to the second album- One in a Million released in 1996 this album stamped her tittle on the musically map. it let all them hater’s know she was no fake or hype, songs like One in a Million, A Girl Like You (ft. Treach) , Ladies in da House (ft. Missy Elliott and Timbaland) and If Your Girl Only Knew were some of my jam. This album also saw the musical genius Timberland do his thing to the fullest. OneInAMillion

The third album  released in 2001  called  Aaliyah which unfortunately was the last before she passed also had some world favorites like – We Need a Resolution (ft. Timbaland) , Rock the Boat,More Than a Woman and Try again which I think is everybody’s favorite was also one of  mine. She also ventured into the big screen and acted in movies like Romeo must die (2000) and  Queen of the Damned (2000). For a short life she lived very well and successfully.


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