Am Drowning!!

Its 12.45am, i can’t sleep, why you say? i had an argument with my boyfriend over facebook and he said something random. Probably to him he was just talking but the statement is keeping me awake. You see i try to be a strong individual, as you pass through life you learn to be your own best friend.

I thought he knew me – i said to myself. how can he say something so deep and hurtful ? words to me are precious and i take them seriously because i get hurt by words. i cried and cried but not because i wanted to but for the pain my heart felt. My life flashed in my face within seconds!!  He said i was heartless!! His he right?  How can he say such a thing? why would he think such?  all these questions ran through my mind and the base of the argument is irrelevant and stupid. The power our tongue carries is something i found out long ago.After i have gone through so much verbal abuse growing up . Never did i know i would still be this soft and delicate to abuse, i thought i was an OG!  Sad just Sad.

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